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Renewable energy. Sustainable development.

We encourage and value open bidirectional communication with our stakeholders, and we strive to provide complete and accurate information on our activities and our performance that is easily accessible to the general public. Collaboration. We build solid relationships with our external stakeholders, including First Nations and local communities, suppliers and service providers, as well as government and regulatory agencies – successful partnerships that form the foundation of our long-term success. Internally, we promote a culture of teamwork and cooperation among our employees. Innergex adheres to the following Key Principles in order to provide a solution to the energy challenges of both today and tomorrow, to protect the environment while optimizing the use of natural resources to produce electricity, and to earn and sustain its social acceptability.

We believe that people should have access to reliable, affordable, clean and renewable energy. Climate change is real. We believe that renewable energy is part of the solution to climate change. We believe in a level playing field for electricity procurement. We support carbon pricing or any other means of internalizing environmental and social costs in the price of electricity. We believe in the protection of our environment and in the responsible development of natural resources. We support a comprehensive and efficient regulatory and planning framework.